On June 1, 2010 our two year old, "Little Air Bear," was diagnosed with Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Type M7. After enduring 146 days at Primary Children's Hospital, Erin is now in remission and living a full life at home with our family. Her strong will and constant happy smile is an inspiration to us all. Through our difficult circumstances we found great strength and peace in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for checking in on us.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Erin received platelets today.  Yesterday her monocytes (they are part of the ANC) started coming up and we were excited to see that maybe her ANC would start coming up, but then today her monocytes were back down to zero.  So, we sort of got our hopes up for nothing.  If this hospital stay is truly the average 35 days, then she still has 19 days left here.  She is having nightmares (at least we think she is) and waking up crying "no no" in the night.  She hasn't had a fever and she seems to be relatively healthy.


  1. I hate hearing about the nightmares. It's not fair that these little ones have to face their reality in their dreams, it's hard enough during the day. It truly breaks my heart. Millie doesn't get them with her lower dose of chemo, but she did on her steroids the 1st month. I would randomly whisper things in her ear about rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. She loves unicorns. I don't know if it really helped or not, but it made me think that for a second I could help take her mind somewhere better. HUGD! I'll come to visit when Millie's feeling better. :)
    Hang in there.

  2. dang! i had my hopes up for you guys too. one step forward, two steps back. i hope her ANC starts rising soon!

    poor little erin and her nightmares - it makes me tear up just thinking about such a sweet little girl waking up crying, "no!" :(

    we continue to pray for you guys! hang in there!