On June 1, 2010 our two year old, "Little Air Bear," was diagnosed with Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Type M7. After enduring 146 days at Primary Children's Hospital, Erin is now in remission and living a full life at home with our family. Her strong will and constant happy smile is an inspiration to us all. Through our difficult circumstances we found great strength and peace in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for checking in on us.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Pictures

Erin and I making play dough snowmen.

Sleeping Beauty

One of our Leukemia friends, Amelia, came to visit.
She brought Erin a beautiful card that Erin snuggled last night.

Cris snuck a picture of me entertaining Erin with her butterfly wings.  I only included it so you could see to what extent we go to keep her happy.  Do you think they make me look younger?  Maybe I'll wear them for Halloween since they fit so well, but next time I'll wear them right-side-up.

Last night as I was putting Erin to bed she read this book to me.  My favorite part was when she said "duck" when she touched each kids' head in the picture.  With all of the other stories we read last night she had to turn each and every page of the book.  Every bit of independence is important to her when so much of her independence is taken away while she is in treatments.  She really was happy (despite how her face looks).  I think she's saying, "let me see" because she would rather see the pictures than have her picture taken.

Her ANC is still zero. 
Her WBC (White blood count) is up to 1.0!
(yesterday it was 0.6)
She made 1 band and 2 monocytes...
...that means that soon her ANC will come up.

Erin's sores are looking even better today.  The one in her diaper area is still pretty serious, but it is getting smaller.  Her pain seems to be the worst during the night so Dr. Afifi and Dr. Abraham and I decided to start her on Morphine.  We are going to start it this evening when she goes to bed.  She will get it through her IV.  I hope that it alleviates the pain more than the Oxycodone.  It would be nice for her to get more consistent sleep.

Our day was made brighter when Marie (Rachel's mom) came to visit us this morning and she told us that Rachel's ANC was at 100!  Rachel and Erin both have AML and it has been fun visiting with them each day and talking with them about our treatments.

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  1. Very nice use of the wings Jill! Give the word and we'll get your own set! What color would you like? I hope things are going better! We will remember you in our fasting and prayers.
    Love you,