On June 1, 2010 our two year old, "Little Air Bear," was diagnosed with Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Type M7. After enduring 146 days at Primary Children's Hospital, Erin is now in remission and living a full life at home with our family. Her strong will and constant happy smile is an inspiration to us all. Through our difficult circumstances we found great strength and peace in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for checking in on us.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Erin only has 2 days of chemo left!!  So far, so good.  She has done really well with the ARA-C and just got her last dose of that this morning.  She has 2 more days of the Mitoxantrone.  Last night I called and had a chat with her nurse and he was really happy with how well Erin was doing.  My favorite part was when he (nurse Manny) told me that "she had an outstanding pee output."  Yes, they monitor how much pee and poop she does.  Sounds fun huh?!

They actually weigh the diapers to determine the output since she isn't potty trained.  It is really good that she isn't potty trained because it's much easier to take care of her with a diaper on.  And, we don't have to get her out of bed in the night to make her pee in the toilet.  They fill her up with fluids that run 24 hours a day so that she just pees all that chemo out.  We have to be really careful about changing her diaper by wearing chemo gloves so that we don't get anything on us.  It's sad that we take all these precautions around the chemo while she is having it running through her bloodstream.

Her ANC is 2000 today!  Her platelets have dropped to 174. (they were in the 300's when we arrived last Thursday).  She gets a platelet transfusion usually when they drop to around 15. If you have the opportunity to donate blood or platelets please give it a go.  Erin has had around 14 blood/platelet transfusions. 

She is able to go out of her room and play, but she is not allowed to leave the Immunocompromised Unit (ICS).  When her ANC drops below 500 then she is not allowed outside of her hospital room.  She is happy and I hear that she is running up and down the halls today.  She has also been riding a little tricycle and having fun in the toy nook. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  We are so grateful for all that you have done to make things easier for us.  Last week John found a surprise in his work mailbox, 2 gift cards to local restaurants in Logan.  It was such a treat!  We want to say THANK YOU to the anonymous gift givers and let you know that we just felt so loved that you were thinking of us!


  1. We got to see her through dad's computer yesterday and it was fun. She is so cute. Thanks for always keeping us posted, you are so good at that. I hope we can all be healthy so we can see you in a few weeks!

  2. Wow. That Chemo round went fast. That's good. Glad she's doing well.

  3. I wish we could have come to see you guys, I just didn't want Cami anywhere near that unit with all the immunocomprimised kids (I was freaking out enough taking her into clinic). Anyway, next time for sure we are coming to visit! Hope your day is a good one :)